Playground USA donates a 20%

with the support of a donor who gives a helping hand, to help a child with special needs.

Every dollar counts. Every gift brings a smile and change to a hurting child’s life.

How your support helps.

Playground USA needs your help to bring a child in special need happiness and joy by donating some of our accessories, to improve their living by getting their exercise and making their outdoor life a fun place in our wide varieties to choose from outdoor fitness equipment and or simply a park for them to enjoy.

What will be my Donation?

With the donation of a park you help, not one but several young children who are less fortunate and need our help. The park will help develop the child in several ways, not only bringing them happiness but will develop muscles, and get a good exercise in.

Donate a Swing set According the medical prescription is very important the children with anxiety can be relaxed thru the movement of swinging.

Donate a fitness equipment help the children in muscle control, and muscle toning and body coordination, Promotes the development of strength and endurance.

Donate a Activity stations where the kids can develop their imagination and activities in art and more Donate a free standing event provide alternative play environment for children where kids can create a whole new play experience.

Playground USA donates a 20% of the value of your purchase, so together we can make a difference in a

How can I make a donation Click here

Is very easy

  • Simply filled up the document below, (we accept Credit Card, Check or Pay Pal ).
  • Choose from a list of people waiting for your donation
  • If you know a kids with special need please fill the document below to add any list of kids are waiting
  • If you have some people or entities to receive the donation add name, Phone No. address more.

A tag with donor name is attaché to the front of the park with a donor Name or in Memorial of.

A Thank You letter will be send to you, signed by entities who received the donation

If you join our campaign with your help we can together help families and special institutions who are in need of the extra help. Help an underprivileged kids now. !!!!

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